Bible Jeopardy Instructions

Setup: In order to play Bible Jeopardy, you will need either Microsoft PowerPoint installed on your computer or Microsoft PowerPoint viewer. If you do not have PowerPoint, you may download and install the PowerPoint viewer for free here: PowerPoint Viewer Software.

Once you download and install the viewer, you can then download the BibleJeopardy file to your computer and open it with the view (or with PowerPoint). Here is the file to download: Bible Jeopardy.

Playing the Game: When you open the file (in slideshow mode), you will see it load the categories. Click on one of the question links and you will see the question. Once you see the question, if you click anywhere on the slide, you will see the answer to the question. To go back to main game board, click the picture of the game moderator in the lower left hand corner of the slide. Then you may select another question. To go to final Jeopardy, click on the button in the lower right hand corner of the main game board. Have fun with this!